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To quote a good friend “You either rock or you suck” !


 I'm all about repeat business,

so “good enough" is not good enough.


I take great pride in delivering high quality vocal tracks with a quick turnaround time.

My studio @ Big Blue is well equipped and I offer phone patch,  SourceConnect and ISDN services.

I also have extensive experience with live event voiceover!


I had been on the road my entire adult life.

I was an audio dude, a band monitor mixer to be exact (the hot seat!), for many a well known Rock/Pop/Country artist.


As a young man on my path to becoming a voice actor, to quote Bugs Bunny, “I must have made a wrong turn @ Albuquerque" and ended up on the road. I thought I'd just check it out for a little while.


After several decades and a career I can be proud of, I have been devoting my energies the past few years to voiceacting.


       And so you find me here...  



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